Image of the artist

The Artist - Tyson Hall

"I See Love"

Mixed Media on Canvas


"I Am Free"

Acrylic on Burlap


"I am 1st Class"

Mixed Media on Canvas


"Make Love Not War"

Mixed Media on Canvas



Acrylic on Canvas



Mixed Media on Canvas


Tyson Hall's artistry is profoundly honest and represents New York!

D. Brooks

Tyson's artwork provokes the eyesight to look deeper. The
work is multilayered with the
history of our culture and insight into the future. His unabashed use of deep colors mixed with an aesthetic that hearkens back to
the design quality of street art
is crisp and edgy. He is an artist to
watch as he continues to evolve
and pushes his  own boundaries".

Laurie Cumbo, MOCADA, Brooklyn NY

Tyson's art is vibrant, full of life and brillance!

Diane D.